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Peng, Audrey, Jake


MiloJeff helped us with our 5 year old rescue Weimaraner that we'd already done some training with. We'd spent a year with BarkBusters that we felt didn't address our needs or requests. There was less interest in helping us after a couple of sessions even though they guarantee their training for the life of the dog. The funny thing is that I saw Jeff's website first but bypassed it for the BarkBusters Guarantee - don't buy into that!!

Jeff came in to our home, assessed Milo (and us lol) and set about addressing our concerns and behavioral changes we felt that BarkBusters' techniques made worse. He made us feel that all our concerns were correctable and not as insurmountable as we'd thought. While I think that Milo (and us lol) will always be a work in progress, he's much happier, calmer and enjoyable to be around that before Jeff came.

If we need any other behaviors sorted, Jeff will be who we call. I've also recommended him to a few of our friends.

Laura & Dwayne

October 2018, Hamilton
OliverJeff was invaluable in helping us figure out Oliver when we first adopted him. Being new to rescue dogs, Jeff helped us hone foundational skills and worked on sorting out behavioral issues specific to Oliver. We now feel we have the knowledge we need to confidently move forward in our training, and help Oliver feel more relaxed at home and on walks. When we first got Oliver he pulled on leash, barked at anything that moved and quickly developed a habit of mouthing us incessantly for attention.

Jeff gave us the skills we needed to communicate with Oliver and set boundaries for a happy household. He uses evidence based methods that work, so we feel very comfortable recommending him to anyone who needs help with training their dog.

Thanks again!

Danielle & Scott

December 2018, Hamilton
TobyPrice is a 2 and a half year old American Eskimo. Although extremely friendly towards close family members, he began to exhibit aggressive behaviour towards friends and other guests entering into our home. This was extremely upsetting and frustrating to watch as this was not how we wanted others to view him. We knew we needed professional help.

Upon a friend's recommendation we called Jeff. He worked wonders with Price! Within a week of using the strategies shown to us by Jeff, Price was a noticeably different dog (inside and outside the house). Jeff demonstrated and taught us simple commands to help establish and build trust between us and Price.

Price still has a long way to go, but with constant training, practice and patience the techniques shown to us by Jeff will help shape Price into the well balanced dog we know he can become.

I would highly recommend Jeff to any dog owner looking for one on one training. He is very knowledgeable on all-things dog and provides easy to follow instructions on how to solve whatever problem you and your dog are facing.

Thanks again for all of your help!

Lisa, Mike and Price

March 2018, Hamilton
ArchieBest trainer around!

Jeff came to our house the 2nd week we got our wheaton terrier puppy and made a huge impact right away. Over several visits to our house Jeff went above the bar, 10/10.

His knowledge, expertise and professionalism impressed us each time. Seeing the development not only in our puppy but also the knowledge we gained from Jeff was a great asset. We highly recommend him to anyone!

Jason and Maddie

October 2018, Hamilton
TobyWhen we adopted our 3 and a half year old Corgi Pomeranian mix Toby, we were advised to have him assessed by a qualified trainer and get get advice on training for him. From our first call with Jeff, he very quickly responded to calls and emails.

His warm manner and positive techniques worked effectively with Toby, and he coached us through a variety of instructions, and ways of dealing with problem behaviour. His expertise and passion for training are obvious from spending any time with him.

He makes practice enjoyable for dogs and people. We would definitely recommend Jeff to anyone seeking an expert dog trainer.

One last thing, his recipe for homemade liver treats is a big hit with Toby!

November 2016
Leslie and Joan

MaxWhen our 8 month old mix (a rescue from Puerto Rico), Max, began exhibiting signs of reactivity and anxiety, I knew we needed help. On walks, Max was either terrified of or overly-stimulated by almost everything including cars, garbage bins, birds, any loud noise, other dogs, children playing outside, etc. It appeared that he often took out his frustration on us by jumping up and nipping either us or his leash. Once he started this behaviour, we couldn't get him to stop no matter what we tried. This made walks nearly unbearable. It has been four months since our first session with Jeff and a few days since our last. I can safely say that Max is a new dog now!

It was clear from our first session how knowledgeable and professional Jeff was. These sessions gave me peace of mind that Max was not acting aggressively on walks, and that with training his behaviour was completely manageable. I also learned that some of Max's frustrating behaviours were normal for a "teenage" dog. This information helped me feel a lot better about our situation with Max.

Because of Jeff, we are now able to recognize Max's triggers on walks and immediately counter-condition or distract him. We have actually enjoyed walking him for the first time over the last two months! The 10 second training method also helped with Max's confidence, has helped him come out of his shell, and has helped improve our bond. Overall, I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone experiencing behavioural issues with their dog. I had read tons of articles and books online with little to no success before calling Jeff, and I only wish I had called sooner!

Lauren and Jefferson, Hamilton, ON

Thank you again for all your help with Max!!

AmmoTonight was our last night having Jeff educate, assist, and train our dog Ammo. A couple key components of Jeff as a business minded individual would include his prompt timing, proper presentation, and clear concise communication. Jeff was never late, and in fact was a little bit early every session we had with him. Jeff has a strong, assertive voice, whenever addressing Ammo. Every question we asked was answered, and we also had any opportunity to to ask for clearer information, if we had any questions.

I considered Ammo my girlfriends dog. Ammo did his training previously with her, and rarely ever would listen to anyone else. Ammo did not cuddle with anyone other than my girlfriend, and didn't allow us to even touch if he was in eye sight.

Our consultation with Jeff was full of information. The hour and a half was just the right amount of time for Jeff to analyze where Ammo was at, give his recommendation for training, and provide information for us to work on. We were hesitant about paying for multiple sessions with someone we didn't know, but after our consultation we were positive Jeff was the trainer for us.

Our first session we went over conditioning training. Some of this training was a refresher for Ammo, but having it enforced and refreshed was great. We also learned other valuable tips on how to embed some of this training. It was great learning for myself as well, given that I wasn't there for Ammos original training. By the time Jeff left, my girlfriend and I could hug in front of Ammo again. After using some of the techniques taught by Jeff, I began to establish my role as an Alpha in the house, and Ammo began warming up to me. Without Jeffs reassurance, I would have thought this would be counterproductive, but it was perfect.

The second session we had, my son was present. We had a minor incident involving my son previously, and wanted Jeff to give his professional opinion. I was never scared that Ammo was going to do something improper (we never are concerned, but given the one unusual incident we were cautious), but having Jeff there reassured us. Jeff and ourselves stimulated Ammo with my son around gradually with Jeff leading the training. We had an amazing outcome, and this was very educational.

Our last session was with Jeff's beautiful dog present, Jake. If you need re-assurance that this man knows what he's doing, you only need to spend 2 minutes with Jake. Jeff used Jake to interact with Ammo on the street, simulating a walk with another dog passing by. Although Ammo still needs work (which is up to us to continue what we were taught), there was already a major improvement. We then came inside our house with Jake and Ammo, which was a whole new avenue of lessons for us to learn. We now are motivated to socialize our dog with other dogs knowing what different behaviours and signals mean, and how to address them appropriately.

To sum up, we are above and beyond satisfied with Jeffs services. We now have a dog, not just my girlfriends. I can now take pride in the dog that lives with us, and am excited to continue this new found relationship with our dog. We almost feel like we were under charged, and made sure to give Jeff a tip for his services. I highly recommend Jeff should you need/want any dog training.

Nov, 2016
Matt and Becky
Dundas, ON

ChandlerJeff came over to help us with our severely anxious rescue Beagle. He had so much insight and advice into how to start helping our dog. Not only that, but after the visit Jeff helped me with ALL the questions I had afterwards. He emailed me prompt replies, links, and further advice long after the session. He was such a great help and obviously cares a great deal about our dog and his well-being - not to mention he knows what he's talking about!

Sept, 2016
Oakville, ON
SoonieMy dog, Soonie, was a rescue dog that exhibited extreme fear of strangers, loud noises, boisterous play, anything would send her seeking refuge in her crate. Soonie had been living with my family for over two months and could barely stay in the same room with us much less leave the house for walks and puppy training. I had contacted another trainer but was very disappointed with the wait and lack of professional commitment to keep the appointments. I mentioned my challenges with Soonie to a parent who frequented the same school bus stop and she mentioned a neighbor who used Jeff's services for their reactive puppy. I looked up "Interactive Dog" and was pleased to see that Jeff was local, quick to respond to me when I contacted him by phone and email and was very professional in person with us and our dog. Jeff confirmed the training sessions by email, arriving for the sessions on time and generally committing to Soonie in a way I found was sincere and effective.

The first time Soonie saw Jeff enter our house she made a quick escape to the back of the house where we herded her for the training with him. She circled the room, hid in any hard to reach place she could find, warily watching Jeff and keeping her distance. There were four visits and each visit provoked a completely different level of engagement and wonder as we watched Soonie become very comfortable with Jeff and quickly progress to learning the different commands and performing them in various sequences. She was learning faster than we were to understand the cues on how to move from "sit"/"stand"/"down", "wait", "watch me", "off" and was generally eager to be engaged. We were so astounded with her progress that I kept remarking to Jeff that surely this was impressively fast but for Jeff this kind of progress was not hard to believe.

My family and I can vouch for Jeff as an experienced , committed dog trainer who is dedicated to the dog's well-being. He is as the saying goes "the real McCoy".

June 2016
Nira, Julian, Charu and Maya
OliverWe had behaviour issues with our 4 year old cocker spaniel. These issues included a fear of bikes, skateboards, and large unfamiliar dogs. Our dog also was "counter surfing" in our kitchen and dining room, and taking food off of the counters. We also had an issue with nuisance barking, where he would bark at us for long periods of time for what seemed like no specific reason. We were feeling overwhelmed, and had no idea where to begin in terms of correcting these behaviours.

Jeff was knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. He was able to give us practical suggestions that "cured" the issues we were having with our dog. Jeff was gentle with our pet, and reassuring for us as owners. His training methods did not require hours of "homework" as it was simple solutions that we could incorporate into every day life with our dog. To address the fear of large unfamiliar dogs, he brought his own dog to a training session to help us with this while he was present. It was amazing to see how much of an impact this had.

The training with Jeff has resulted in a much happier dog, and also happier owners! We appreciate all of the help that Jeff gave us, and would recommend him to anyone who is having difficulty with behaviour issues or training in general.

Ancaster, ON,
July 2016
AmeliaI can't thank Jeff enough for his help in getting my shepherd cross, Amelia, to stop reacting to other dogs. It had become a really stressful issue for me as I live in a 23-story condo building, home to at least 20 other dogs.

Jeff's knowledge, skill and patience paid off quickly as he taught me how to deal with Amelia's reactive ways. As I followed his instructions and worked diligently with her between our sessions with him, we saw rapid improvement. The elevator ride and stepping into the building lobby are now a breeze. In fact, his instructions were to station ourselves there to practise what we had learned!

I highly recommend Interactive Dog to anyone who wants a better trained dog and very welcome peace of mind.

Lis, Hamilton ON
February 2016
Olaf"I was seriously considering returning my greyhound to his rescue (which is a point to which I never thought I could be brought) by the time my boyfriend called Jeff. My dog was having serious separation anxiety issues. He was chewing doorknobs, door frames, destroying his crate, eating locks, etc...

I had tried to implement suggestions I read on the internet and use the advice from my dog's rescue to help me, but his separation anxiety only became worse and worse until Jeff came along.

Jeff gave me tons of insights and practical tips to help my dog adjust. My dog can now be successfully left alone all day without a worry.

We also discovered along the way that my dog had good guarding issues, particularly with bones near his bed. I'm pleased to say I can now take a bone from him on his bed.

I am so grateful to Jeff as I would have regretted returning my dog for the rest of my life. Now I have an extremely well behaved member of my family."

Yours Truly,


Nov 2015
NikkiNikki was a 4 month old short haired border collie when we got her. After a trip to the vet, I was told she had fear aggression. Neither of my other 2 dogs had that, so I had no idea what to do.

I found Interactive Dog on the internet, and decided to enquire about training and to see if there was anything to do about the fear aggression.

Jeff was very helpful and kind but firm in his training with Nikki. He taught me as much as he did Nikki! IT was very interesting to see how quickly Nikki responded to his training methods. I only need to work with Nikki a few minutes every day, and see amazing results.

My grandson who was 5 last fall, was able to get her to follow his commands.....sit...stay...lay down....I was quite impressed that Nikki listened so well to someone other then Jeff and me!

As well, walking Nikki around the block is a pleasure now that I don't have to worry how she will react to other people or dogs.

I would recommend Jeff as a trainer to anyone needing a little help, or a lot of help with their dog.

May 2014
Linda K.
JakeOur rescue dog, Jake, was a wonderful house pet, but when we took him out on a leash, he was a maniac. He would pull like crazy and was constantly trying to chase squirrels, birds, other dogs and even people. We thought he was acting aggressively, even though his indoor behaviour never once indicated aggression. When people came to the door, he would jump up on them out of excitement and we'd have to pull him off.

That's when we called Jeff. Just one session with Jeff and he taught us the things we needed to turn our dog into one we could walk with great pleasure. Turns out Jake isn't aggressive at all, he was just trying to protect us from everything that was coming towards us.

And no more jumping up at the door. He knows to sit and stay until we give him the okay!!

We'd highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to improve their pet's behaviour.

Thanks Jeff!

June 2014
Julie S., Ancaster, ON
Opie We just wanted to write and thank you for all that you have done to help us with Opie.

We reached out to you even though this was our second dog. Fifteen years ago we took our first dog to puppy "class" with limited success. Your program gave us the knowledge that we needed to understand how to manage our dog's behaviour - a key ingredient to success. The fact that you came to our home also helped us to know how to deal with situations that are unique in our environment.

Your tips have really made a difference to Opie and our goal of having a well-behaved dog. From the deer antler, to the Kong treat at bed time, we quickly got Opie into a routine that left him and our entire family comfortable.

You have a great program and we would highly recommend it to any puppy owner.

Nov 2013
Thanks...Lisa, Keith and Opie,
Mississauga, ON
Click here or on Crosby to see the video.

Crosby"We have a three year old Great Bernese Mountain lab mix named Crosby who just loves going to see Jeff.

Over the last year, Jeff has helped train both Crosby and us, when we found ourselves facing Crosby not always liking young children. We now feel very comfortable that Crosby will behave well around people young and older, thanks to the patient, caring and disciplined approach that Jeff takes to training.

On overnight stays, Crosby returns home content and with a new skill or two. A highlight for us was a video Jeff took of a three-year old boy taking Crosby for a nice walk on a leash. Jeff's thoughtful contribution helped us see "life in a day of Crosby" when he is in Jeff's care. We recommend Jeff and Interactive Dog without hesitation."

Sept, 2013
Jan and Jim Barton
Lucy"Our dog Lucy was a rescue, and had some behavioural issues such as barking at every person or dog she saw, or biting whenever we tried to pick her up. After our first session with Jeff, we could see a noticeable difference with Lucy -- she was barking less, and we could see that she was beginning to tolerate other people and dogs in her space, whereas before she would bark uncontrollably. After several sessions with Jeff, and receiving many useful tips, Lucy barks much less, and when she does, we are able to stop it quickly. We are also able to handle her more than we were before, and picking her up has become a much easier task. Jeff is a great trainer and has helped us so much with Lucy!"

July, 2013
Julia, Hamilton, ON
I am writing to describe my very satisfying experience with Jeff of Interactive Dog training sessions.

I had multiple requests for differing levels of training for each of my 4 dogs.
I have been to group training classes and achieved moderate success with them but found the dogs and I were losing some of those gains and I knew they could do better.

Jeff was crystal clear and easily adjusted his teaching style to match my learning style...with good humour and lots of examples and demonstrations. I found it particularly helpful to try some techniques with Jeff's support and suggestions as he was able to simply describe the behaviours and reasons for them. He has given me the ability to keep my dogs at their best with the 10 second approach which is much better for me with my busy schedule.

My older dogs were able to "learn new tricks" like how to stop barking and how to sit rather than jump up...and my newest dog learned all of the basic skills extremely quickly.

My dog with a problem of aggression was able to calm himself and learn not to be so "on guard" and tense with other dogs and people. I am much more able to enjoy my pets and am no longer frustrated and now know what to do in stressful situations.

They are all good dogs now with the right kinds of interactions with us, thanks to Jeff!

Aug 2013
Joanne M, Ancaster, ON
Tesla"Jeff is very knowledgeable when it comes to dog training. He is very kind and gentle and tailors his methods to suit each dogs personal needs. He doesn't just train the dog he trains the owner too and I would hire him again in a heartbeat."

Aug, 2013,
Stephanie, Brantford, ON

Stevie"Meeting Jeff was such a blessing for us - we had become so frustrated with our little pomeranian Stevie and his misbehaviour. Jeff showed us how to understand what our dog was telling us, and what Stevie was looking for from us - leadership and consistency! Through Jeff's patient training and explanations we have seen such a change in Stevie - he's now so much calmer and perfectly housetrained.

Not only does Stevie respond to commands we didn't think were possible, our bond is so strong and loving. Its like we have a different dog! I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't met Jeff - thank you!

Rosalyn K."